Item: Mazafati date palm Khasvyy palm, date palm Zahedi and chips. This time could be thought to be one of many most worthwhile and delightful days worldwide especially since it is enjoyed in its mid-stage of growth (ROTAB). Mazafati Date hired Time Bam is one of Iranian Day fruit's different types. Mazafati Date's most fascinating and delicious kind is expanded in southern location of Bam which includes meaty skin. Mazafati datejust like different kinds of Day berry is stuffed of health benefits.

Mozafati ِِDates are a range type of clean (smooth) ِِDates that is likewise renowned as Bam Dates”This Date rising in Saravan and Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchestan province and Bam, Jiroft and Kahnuj towns of Kerman province. Mazafati Date has best-tasting kinds of ِِDates, since this Time taste is quite lovely and it has an original tasty flavor. Mazafati Date starts in June, enduring to the end-of March and Rotab Mozafati Bam harvesting period depends for the assortment. Mazafati Day managing some certain ailments since it is full of nutrients for example vitamins, minerals.

Moreover, Mazafati Time is stuffed of fiber that will be beneficial for those who find themselves experienced constipation and surplus acid while in the belly and truly the Time is employed as laxative food!The provided research has shown that reducing moisture of Mazafati Day by artificial (industrial) drying can be done and eliminate the significance of cold-storage building.