vtx Dive Computer

This article can be a final farewell to my reliable Oceanic VT Pro wireless, oxygen- dive computer that is integrated. In depriving them of aspects that donot incorporate value, there is larger focus on what matters most... your dive. While we could make this kind of powerful, feature rich dive computer as possible grab for that first time and already know just how to use oceanic atom 3.1 it, we have completed our work! With an Easy To-use screen, effective characteristics, amazing readability and ease at its key; the Oceanic VTX OLED jump computer may be the new benchmark for contemporary dive computer design. Ultra- bright high-contrast colour OLED that is full screen with spontaneous colour id of plunge knowledge that is vital.

the keys are manageable, and the bigger dimension allows for loads of place within the present for all the vital info and also the pc does not feel like it'll destroy if you drop it. Reliable, durable and trusted. The VT Pro has the same fundamental application and setup as most models that are different while in the Veo distinct Oceanic dive computers.

Note: the VTX was previously the Aeris CS and it has been rebranded due to the combination of Oceanic and Aeris. The capabilities and efficiency of the VTX are identical to the A300 CS. The Oceanic OLED dive computer task began having a want to generate an experience that has been more helpful simpler, and more pleasurable pleasurable - while dive computers are already loved about by building to the points people.